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Create downloadable file link in google drive

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Create downloadable file link in google drive

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And, this is rather time consuming when you have a bunch of files you need converted over.❿

Create downloadable file link in google drive.Google Drive Direct Link Generator

When you have your Google Drive Sharable Link copied you will need to paste the link somewhere so you can edit it. Coming up with names is difficult. They are all limited to the same drawbacks as that method, with one added extra drawback that scares the business owner side of me to death. See it for yourself below. You can add a title, description and cover image, as well as your own unique URL. Using online converters can compromise your data to hackers and other users.


Create downloadable file link in google drive

Click “Get Shareable Link” Click the slider marked “Link sharing” to turn it on and then click “Sharing settings”. On the next screen that pops-up, click “Advanced”. Then click “On – Anyone with the link” and “Save”. How to Create a Direct Download Link Using Google Drive Direct Link Generator · Open Google Drive. · Right-click on your file. · Click on Get Link. This tool allows you to generate a direct download link to files you have stored in Google Drive. A direct link will immediately start downloading the file.❿

Create downloadable file link in google drive.How to Create Shareable Download Links for Files on Google Drive


That page will have a button to download the file. Step 1: Go to Google Drive and right click the file that you want to share, then click on “Get shareable link”. Step 2: In the window that comes up, change the visibility to “Anyone with the link”. Step 3: Click “Copy link”. Step 4: Paste that link into the text box above and click “Create Direct Link” to create your link.

G-Drive Linker not only gives you added features that the other online options do not, but it is also the only offline application that can generate these direct links for you. That right. The basic functionality of G-Drive Linker can be completed offline. In fact, you can even set it to Offline mode in the menu settings. Its that simple. Another great thing about G-Drive Linker is that the trial version offers full functionality for single use download links, including Files, Docs, Sheets and Slides.

Basically, the trial version gives you more than the free online generators, with the added protection of knowing your files are safe. If you only need to create a direct link once in a blue moon the trial should be all you ever need. Want to see what an export looks like? Go ahead, double check and see for yourself. All of those links were generated in less than 5 seconds.

Pretty nifty! There are many reasons why you might want to have a direct download link to your Google Drive documents, and there are ways to accomplish this task. Editing the URL yourself can cost you valuable time. Using online converters can compromise your data to hackers and other users.

There is only one application available that converts these Google Drive sharable links securely, in bulk, with folders, docs, slides, sheets, and does it instantly, without leaving your files venerable to web-attacks. G-Drive Linker is a cheap, cost effective way to save you time and keep your files safe inside of Google Drive with the functionality of a Direct Download Link. If you do not need the full version, the trial version has you covered as well.

With more functionality than the insecure online generators, there is no reason not to use G-Drive Linker. The trial is free and has the option to work completely offline. From there, everything else is basically the same. Once that option is enabled, the link will be populated. You can simply highly it, then copy and paste it into an email, chat message, or anywhere else.

When you generate a download link, it automatically allows the file to be viewed by anyone with the link. You can, however, change this setting using the dropdown menu directly above the link. The good news is that Google does most of the heavy lifting here, and the default sharing action is fairly private your link is accessible by anyone, but only if they know the link , so you can quickly and efficiently share files. If you need to build a link on a mobile device, the process is equally as simple—though the varying options are more hidden.

This is where the only real difference between Android and iOS happens: on iOS, the link is simply copied to the clipboard, so you can share it. On Android, the share menu will show up, giving you a lot more options.

But you should be able to wing it from here—just choose the app you want to share the file in. This is the information button. Scroll down just a bit, until you see the first sub-section after the file info. Easy peasy. From the Drive website, navigate to the file you want to share, then right-click it.

I love that the modern web supports things like this. There are actually a couple of options you can choose: Share or Get Shareable Link. If you need to create a direct link for these types of files, download them to your computer and re-upload them to drive. Generating direct downloads from Google Drive can be a pain. See it for yourself below. Continue with the guide to learn how to use it. We created this handy tool to help you quickly create direct download links for files stored in Google Drive.

Rather than opening a Google Drive link and then clicking to download the file, the generated direct download link immediately begins downloading the file.

A window will appear. Now change the visibility to “Anyone with the link”. This means that anyone that receives this link can view and download the files. If it is set to “Restricted” then only people who are logged in to Google and have been granted access to the file will be able to open the direct download link. Just highlight the link, copy it to your clipboard and share it where you wish.

We would just recommend not sharing the link on public forums or posting it on social media.

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