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ZM – Zoom Video Communications Inc Forecast – – Key Points

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Zoom stock price target 2022

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Expert Spotlight. Pessimistic forecast: ZM’s revenue is forecast to Detailed predictions for Zoom stock. It uses the current share price and divides it by the total earnings per share for the last 12 months. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. EV To Revenue 4.

ZM : ZOOM VIDEO COMMUNICATIONS-A stock forecast – – .ZM : ZOOM VIDEO COMMUNICATIONS-A stock forecast – –


And that need for reliable communications technology in order for people to do their jobs drove demand for Zoom’s ZM services so much that on Oct. What a difference a year makes. Zoom ZM suffered from a case of the company not being able to win for losing. The issue was Zoom ZM forecasting more growth ahead, but not at the levels that have driven its business over much of the last two years. It’s no surprise what’s behind Zoom’s ZM growth issues. More companies are planning on having their employees returning to the office on at least a part-time basis in early This could, in theory, result in less usage of Zoom’s ZM video services since workers would be meeting more often in person.

Speaking on a conference call on Monday, Zoom Chief Financial Officer Kelly Steckelberg acknowledged some of the issues the company expects to face in the coming year. Sills cut his rating on Zoom’s ZM to neutral from buy, saying that “a broader slowdown in both new customer growth and expansion activity, and still heightened online [customer] churn provide little certainty as to the bottom for [customer] growth.

Turrin also said that the issues surrounding Zoom’s ZM growth prospects are likely to linger well into Panigrahi said that while Zoom’s ZM post-pandemic growth profile “remains somewhat unclear”, the company’s Zoom Phone, Zoom Rooms and Video Engagement center “remain integral to hybrid work environments” for the foreseeable future.

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Zoom stock price target 2022 –

Visit their profiles for more details about their stock ratings and see how they perform on a stock-by-stock basis.


Zoom (ZM) stock Forecast for , , ,


Zoom stock price target 2022 jump in shares on November 28th was caused by investors bidding up the prices of work-from-home stocks. The big question for ZM, along with a range of other stocks that were perfectly situated to gain during COVID, is what longer-term growth looks like.

In the near-term, of course, there is stoci recent emergence of the Omicron COVID variant that is already resulting in travel restrictions. I tagret analyzed ZM on February 25thalmost txrget 9 months ago.

At that time, I assigned a neutral rating, for reasons that I detail below. Performance of ZM vs. For high growth stocks, and ZM has been on an extreme growth track, expectations are the key to valuation. Recent earnings посетить страницу revenues have little contribution to estimated fair price.

The value of a share of ZM is sensitively dependent on projected growth rates as well as on interest rates. Stated formally, the fair price of a stock is the net present value of the projected future earnings. The net present value is sensitive to the discount rate applied pprice future earnings and the discount rate depends on interest rate expectations. Increasing expected rates results in higher discount rates and, as a result, lower zoom error code 1132 pc of fair value.

Because so much of the estimated future earnings from a high growth company occur down the road, the compounding effect of the discount rate is amplified. By contrast, the consensus outlook zoom stock price target 2022 the парень. how do i recover my zoom account оторвались market was a strongly bearish view out to early Most readers will be familiar with the Wall Street analyst consensus but many will not have encountered the idea that it is possible to estimate a consensus view from options prices.

By analysing the prices of calls and puts at a range of strike prices, it is possible to calculate a probabilistic price forecast that reconciles the options prices. This is called the market-implied outlook. On February 25th, the market-implied outlook for ZM to January was strongly bearish. With 9 months since my last analysis and the substantial decline in the share zoom stock price target 2022, I have updated the market-implied outlook for ZM and discuss the comparison with the Tagget Street analyst consensus outlook.

ETrade calculates the Wall Street consensus outlook using the views of 24 targft analysts pice have published ratings and month price targets for ZM over the past sgock days. Even the lowest month price target is 6.

The two versions of the Wall Street consensus, from ETrade and Seeking Alpha, are very similar and suggest that the outlook for ZM for the next year is very zoom stock price target 2022. A note of caution, however, is that the analyst consensus was also bullish in February.

I have analysed the put and call options on ZM at a range of zoom stock price target 2022, all expiring on January 21,to calculate the 1. I have also calculated the market-implied outlooks for the 3. The standard presentation of the market-implied outlook is in the form of a probability distribution of price return, with zoom on the vertical axis and return on the horizontal. Market-implied price return probabilities for Pgice for the 2.

The outlook for the next prive. To make it easier to compare the probabilities of positive and negative returns, I rotate the negative return side of the distribution about the vertical axis see chart below. With this view, it is apparent that the probabilities of negative returns are consistently higher than for positive returns of the same magnitude pgice dashed pirce line is above the solid blue line for most of the possible outcomes. Theory suggests that market-implied outlooks will tend to have a negative bias because investors, in aggregate, tend to be risk averse страница thus willing to pay more than fair value for downside protection buying put options.

Even 20222 the consensus opinion of the market is neutral for a stock, we would expect to see the dashed red line above the solid blue line by some amount. We cannot usefully quantify this effect, but my interpretation is that the near-term outlook for ZM is neutral. Looking out to the middle of March using options that expire on March 18,the market-implied outlook has shifted to further favor negative price returns the red dashed line is higher above the solid blue line.

The negative tilt is sufficient that I interpret this as a slightly bearish outlook. Market-implied price return probabilities zopm ZM for the 3. The outlook to the middle ofcalculated from options zooom on June 17th, has shifted to become solidly bearish. Market-implied price return probabilities for ZM for the 6. The market-implied outlooks for ZM shift from traget for the next couple of months to increasingly bearish later in By the middle ofthe outlook is solidly bearish.

If the latest variant targte aggressively, and we revert back to having more people working from home, ZM is likely to rally. The market-implied outlook for ZM is neutral over zoom stock price target 2022 что, zoom test mic and speakers – none: думаю couple of months, shifting slightly bearish in March, and with a bearish view to the middle of Zoom stock price target 2022 think that the options market is signaling that there zoom stock price target 2022 a decent near-term probability for gains pricf ZM due to the potential for a COVID resurgence, but that ziom longer outlook is bearish.

Considering the concerns raised by ZM management pride expected growth, the bullish Wall Street consensus outlook, and the ссылка market-implied outlook to the middle ofI am maintaining my neutral rating on ZM. I will not be surprised to see a short-term surge in the share price in response to current news, however. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it other than from Seeking Alpha.

I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article. Geoff Considine 4. Wall /27123.txt Analyst Consensus Outlook for ZM ETrade calculates the Wall Street consensus outlook using the views of 24 ranked analysts who have published ratings and month price targets for ZM over the past 90 days.

Market-Implied Outlook for ZM I have targeet the put and call zoom stock price target 2022 on Zoom stock price target 2022 at a range of strikes, all expiring on January 21,to calculate the 1. This article was written by. Geoff Considine. Geoff has worked in quantitative finance for more than twenty years. Neither Zoom stock price target 2022 Considine nor Quantext Geoff’s company are investment advisors.

Nothing in any commentary here on Seeking Alpha or elsewhere shall be regarded as advice. Is this happening to you frequently? Please report it on our feedback forum. If you have an ad-blocker enabled you may be blocked from proceeding. Zoom stock price target 2022 disable your ad-blocker and refresh.

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